About us

Based in the capital city of Kathmandu, Nepal, SUBARU TRAVEL is a travel and treks organization comprising of a team of experienced guides, cooks and Sherpa supports bringing a wealth of trekking experience in the Himalayas. Whether walking about the Himalayan foothills, trekking through the middle valleys or scaling the dizzy heights of major peaks, Subaru Travels takes care of it all. We provide all the sensible equipment for your comfort with large tents, warm down sleeping bags, down jackets mattresses, etc. Our cooks, true chefs of the trail, rustle up wondrous buffets to enchant the hungry travelers.

Accompanying on the trail are our guides assisting guest at every step, on hand to answer their queries, set up tent, serve up the meals and attend to every need. Subaru Travels handles all travel and trekking arrangements like flights, land transportation, hotel reservation, sightseeing, treks and all arrangements connected with them. For those interested in excursions into the tropical jungles for a wildlife safari to take the breathtaking experience of white water rafting or climbs to major Himalayan peaks we are always there.

Subaru Travels is extended over the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet – off the beaten trails into mystery, romance and adventure and at the same time heightening the inspirational places in India and Bhutan, leaving you with no less than a wonder memoirs is what we grant with all service. Be it the most extensive sight of city and witnessing all the local lifestyle, people being traditionally aware or those walks up to the wilderness and awe-inspiring mountains, Subaru Travels is all here to serve you the best and render you with most beautiful experience of your lifetime. Let us show this wonderful Kingdom in a series of tours and treks, which our staffs have covered every inch of.